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Trigyan Foundation is a social organization working towards a humanitarian cause to create a potential change in the lives of families and communities living in poverty and distress. We are a voluntary, non-profit and non-political organization registered under the         Indian Trade Mark Act. 1940 & Section 1860 Society Act .

The trust is duly registered with the Registrars of Society, Ministry of Home Affairs and Foreign Contribution (Regulation Act 1976) and is recognized under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961.

The Trigyan Foundation aspires to improve lives by diligently working towards the multifaceted issue of illeteracy.
Striving for an educated society and generations, we ensure to revamp the nation from root level propagating a wind of change that would fill the atmosphere with knowledge, progress and happiness.

Likewise illiteracy, indecent conducts with senior residents and veterans resulting in homelessness and poor living is a growing concern for the society. Our heartly desire to stop this immoral demeanor starts with our literacy campaigns on Family living targeted towards atomic families mainly. We also aim to support this cause by providing old age homes to senior residents in need.


“Facilitate through various means the development of our dynamic and informed social organization. And continue to provide all the possible help and support to the poor and needy.”

Bringing an opportunity to learn and grow, an opportunity that will inculcate sense of self confidence, an opportunity that will allow to think logically, an opportunity that introduces to the whole world, an opportunity that offers a plethora of resourses is the opportunity to go to school and get educated.

Trigyan Foundation aims at providing education to children, adults and senior residents. Geographically we target at villages and remote areas where there is less or minimal opportunities.